Plays by Lee Blessing

audio Going to St. Ives

LA Theatre Works
Type: Audio

The dignified mother of a ruthless African dictator travels to England to seek treatment for her failed eyes from a renowned ophthalmologist. At first glance, it looks like one woman helping another, but each woman brings to the other her true agenda, triggering a profound moral dilemma and a chain reaction of events with great personal and political aftershocks.

An L.A. Theatre Works performance featuring Caroline Goodall and L. Scott Caldwell.

Featuring: Caroline Goodall, L. Scott Caldwell

Lee Blessing is an American playwright from Minnesota, whose best-known play, A Walk in the Woods, was nominated for a Tony award and a Pulitzer Prize after its premiere in 1987. Other plays include Fortinbras, Going to St Ives, Thief River and Whores. He is currently the head of Playwriting at Rutgers University, New Jersey.