Kristine Landon-Smith

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The Trouble with Asian Men

Aurora Metro Books
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Macho men or metrosexual guys? Mummy's boys or blokes under their missus' thumbs? Self-made entrepreneurs, pukka professionals and successful executives with their Mercedes Benz lives and designer-clad wives; husbands, sons, uncles, brothers and fathers – these successful, soulful and spirited Asian men have come a long way from their origins but they've all got roots! The Trouble with Asian Men is a vital, tender and hilarious insight into lives that surround us every day, from the award-winning theatre company that brought us East is East. This revealing verbatim comedy that has played to sell-out houses internationally.

Kristine Landon-Smith is a Director, and Co-founder, of Tamasha Theatre Company, Britain's leading Asian theatre company, whose vivid and distinctive performance style has been applauded by critics and audiences alike. As well as directing all of Tamasha's productions, Landon-Smith has been a producer for BBC Radio since 1996, and has acted and directed for theatre companies all over Britain. She has co-written most of Tamasha's independent productions. Many of Tamasha's successes are well known and remembered, such as the world premieres of Fourteen Songs, Two Weddings and a Funeral; East is East and Balti Kings.