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Someone Else

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Lately Cathy, a middle-aged comedian, has found very little to laugh about. Everything seems either tragic or frustrating, especially her eighteen-year marriage to Peter, a doctor at a local community clinic. Their list of complaints about one another grows day by day, and their teenage daughter is rarely anything but a handful. Despite a once solid and happy marriage, the couple has hit a snag that even counselling can't repair. While Cathy falls further into a creative slump, Peter starts to fall for April, a troubled young patient who helps him open up. The two are unrecognizable to each other and themselves, and as they navigate middle age they push each other further apart. Can they negotiate their changing relationship and learn to be comfortable with who they've become?

Picture of Kristen Thomson

Kristen Thomson is a Toronto-based actor and playwright. She is well known for her one-woman play, I, Claudia, which was adapted to film in 2004. In 2003 Kristen won an ACTRA Award for her performance in I Shout Love, a short film directed by Sarah Polley. She has also won three Dora Mavor Moore Awards for her stage work.