Plays by John Lazarus

The Grandkid

Playwrights Canada Press
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Julius Rothstein and his granddaughter Abby have loved each other from opposite ends of Canada since Abby was born. But now, accepted as a freshman student at the university where Julius teaches, Abby is moving in with him to be close to school and to keep her newly widowed grandfather company. The two must negotiate a new relationship as housemates and friends, which means dealing with issues of youth and age, work and play, activism and apathy, homework and heart attacks, and those three tricky topics: sex, politics, and religion.

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John Lazarus is an award-winning playwright who has been writing since 1970. Some of his many plays include Dreaming and Duelling, The Late Blumer, The Nightingale, Trouble on Dibble Street and Village of Idiots. John Lazarus taught writing for over a decade at Studio 58 and briefly at the Vancouver Film School and the National Theatre School. He lives with his wife in Kingston, Ontario, where he has been a professor in the Drama Department at Queen’s University since 2000.