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Fifteen years of disconnected sparks to do the damage. To stop her beautiful fantastical brain from working.

'Fall in love in my early 20s, get married in my late 20s, have at least one child by the time I'm 30. F*ck!'

Life is hard to navigate when you've got so many questions. Can I put this jumper in the washing machine? Do you have my birth certificate? Where did you find love? How did you do it? How do you survive?
A story of a kamikaze love affair with unexpected consequences. Hilarious and heartbreaking, written by

Jessica Butcher and with original music by Anoushka Lucas. Sparks is a two-hander musical about the brain's response to grief.

Jessica Butcher is an actress who was most recently in Offside (Edinburgh Festival 2017 & U.K. Tour). Jessica is known for playing Lucy Fuller in Camilla Whitehill's award winning play Where do Little Birds Go? Sometimes she's in EastEnders. Sparks is her first play. Her second play, Boots, will also premiere in London in March 2018.