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Vera Vera Vera

Bloomsbury Publishing
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The boy who comes back from a war far away in a wooden box is glorified and called a hero. As the funeral plans are made in a small Kent town, his siblings squabble over who he was. Maybe the fanfare isn’t needed for this heroic martyr.

Vera Vera Vera, Hayley Squires’s first play, is a blackly comic piece about what we are willing to fight for. Upon its first production, Squires was hailed as a bracing new voice – clear-eyed and loud, addressing violence, neglect and apathy.

Vera Vera Vera was first presented at the Royal Court Theatre, London, on 22 March 2012.


Nick Hern Books
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Hayley Squires' play VS09 is a fast-paced exploration of the possibilities of love, friendship and healing in the search for home.

The play commissioned and first performed by Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama at the Bute Theatre, Cardiff, on 1 April 2014, and was subsequently performed at the Gate Theatre, London. It is published as part of the Nick Hern Books Multiplay Drama series featuring large-cast plays specifically written to be performed by and appeal to older teenagers and young adults.

The play is set in a restaurant in the Departures Lounge of Heathrow Airport, Terminal 3. Laurel, a waiter who works in the restaurant, opens the play with a direct-to-audience prologue in which he contradicts the optimistic sentiments expressed in the opening speech of the film Love Actually, spoken by the actor Hugh Grant, about the romanticism of the arrivals gate at Heathrow; Laurel says that what you really need is hope, and that this is only to be found in Departures. Over the course of the play, we meet several passengers waiting for flight VS09 to JFK, all of them in need of a little of the magic that Laurel can provide.

The original production was directed by Darren Lawrence, and performed by members of the company.

Hayley Squires was born and raised in South London, and studied acting at Rose Bruford College. A graduate of the Royal Court Young Writers' Programme, Squires's first play, Vera Vera Vera premiered at the Royal Court Theatre Upstairs in 2012, before transferring to the Theatre Local, Peckham.