Plays by Graham Farrow


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A vigilante group of betrayed husbands seek retribution in Farrow’s stinging exploration of betrayal, sex and failure.

Robert McQueen is a gigolo, offering sex to the wives of busy husbands – or, as he would have it, a businessman who offers a vital service to unfulfilled and sadly lonely women. But the three men who have just taken him hostage fail to see their wives’ infidelity in such a compassionate light: they’re going to take McQueen to pieces, and beat a confession out of him. What they hear will change their lives forever.

Rattlesnakes was first performed in 2001 at the Flatiron Playhouse, New York.

Talk about the Passion

Bloomsbury Publishing
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Talk About The Passion is an intense, twisting study of guilt and grief, and the media’s fascination with serial killers.

A young child is horrifically murdered, leaving his father tortured by impossible guilt. Meanwhile the autobiography of the serial killer is a hit publication and the publisher Evelyn Ayles has made a fortune from the book. Now Jason Carroway is in her office, and he seems to be angry about something more than her rejection of his manuscript. He’s determined to make her hear his story, one way or another.

The play is a moving and powerful exploration of loss, society's collusion in the glamorisation of evil, and the desire for justice. Talk about the Passion was first performed in 1998 at the Birds Nest Theatre, London.

Graham Farrow received a Commonwealth Writer's Prize nomination for his first novel Speak No Evil, published in 1989. A year later, his first play Hair of the Dog, a piece set in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust was premiered by Impact Theatre, Middlesbrough. Eight years and further productions later it was revived at the Birds Nest Theatre, London, to great acclaim. Further plays include Down amongst the Dead Men (London, 1993), The Boys are Back in Town (Salisbury, 1994), Rattlesnakes (New York, 2001), and the award-winning and critically acclaimed Talk About The Passion. More recent plays include Lake of Fire, and Stay with Me till Dawn.