Plays by George Huang

Swimming with Sharks

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Swimming with Sharks, adapted from the George Huang film by playwright Michael Lesslie, is an incisive look into the cut-throat world of Hollywood filmmaking.

From bringing him coffee to getting him laid, it's up to new assistant and aspiring screenwriter Guy to satisfy every whim of the incendiary Buddy Ackerman. Buddy’s a powerful movie producer who makes horrorporn box-office smashes, and is, appropriately, the boss from hell. Blinded by the promise of a fast track up the Hollywood ladder, Guy is about to find out that moviemaking is not for the faint-hearted. If he's going to rise to the top, then he'll need to play by Buddy's rules. And Buddy plays dirty.

Lesslie’s slick, fast-talking adaptation premiered in 2007 at the Vaudeville Theatre, London.

George Huang is a Taiwanese-American filmmaker. After studying production at the University of South Carolina, and working as an executive assistant at Columbia Pictures, he wrote and directed his debut film, Swimming with Sharks, which starred Kevin Spacey and Frank Whaley. Released in 1994, the film was a biting satire of Hollywood politics from the point-of-view of a studio underling. Although not a major box-office smash, the movie received huge critical acclaim. Since then he has directed Trojan War (1997) and How to Make a Monster (2001).