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video Physical Actor Training: an online A-Z

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PATAZ: Physical Actor Training - an online A-Z establishes a foundation for physical training exercises through over 60 dynamic videos with accompanying audio commentary, reflection, and texts for today’s physical actor, teacher, and trainer. Using innovative camera work and editing processes, each film explores a term from our A-Z, ranging from specific skills like Grounding and Balance to more abstract concepts like Energy or Craft. The collection encourages enquiry and an active, hands-on training process geared toward movement work, vocal exploration, dance-theatre, and physical training. Each exercise can be explored and experienced in myriad ways by an individual or group.

PATAZ is a digital resource created by actor trainers Paul Allain and Frank Camilleri with filmmakers Peter Hulton and Stacie Lee Bennett, and trainees from the University of Kent. PATAZ prioritizes movement, voice, and the body rather than character or text-based approaches to making performance and preparing the actor. For students, practitioners and teachers, the A-Z works across film, text, audio and image.

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Frank is Associate Professor in Theatre Studies and Director of the School of Performing Arts at the University of Malta. His various publications on performer training, theatre as a laboratory, and practice as research reflect the theatre work he has been developing since 1989. As Artistic Director of Icarus Performance Project, which he founded in 2001, he focuses on the space between training and performance processes via the development of improvisatory structures.