Plays by Evelyn Glover

Miss Appleyard's Awakening

Bloomsbury Publishing
Type: Text

When trying to gather signatures for an anti-suffrage petition, Miss Appleyard is invited into a potential signatory's house, a woman who shares Miss Appleyard’s anti-Suffrage stance. However, as their conversation continues, Miss Appleyard cannot help but notice that her hostess’s arguments are weak and contradictory. She leaves the house quite convinced of the opposite beliefs than those she had entered with.

In her introduction, Naomi Paxton writes: ‘It has humour in the text . . . and in the playing and is a great piece to introduce an audience to the arguments surrounding the suffrage debate in this period.'

Miss Appleyard’s Awakening was first performed at the Rehearsal Theatre, London, on 20 June 1911. It was published by the Actresses’ Franchise League (AFL) in 1911.