Eugene O'Brien

Plays by Eugene O'Brien


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Breda, determined that her recent weight loss will not be a wasted effort, has planned a night out with her husband, Billy. Neither can remember the last time they slept together, but Breda intends to change that.

Under the influence of alcohol, however, their date night goes awry, and they find themselves revealing far more than they had intended.

Eden premiered on the Peacock stage of the Abbey Theatre, Dublin, in 2001, and was later mounted on the West End and Broadway. Written as monologues for two actors, it explores the disintegration of marital intimacy in an intimate theatrical format.


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On the closing night of Edenderry’s Savoy cinema, three men have gathered for an unusual wake to remember the life of the cinema and its place in their lives.

From the spectre of the multiplex that has sounded the death knell of the local cinema, to the town’s inhabitants and A Fistful of Dollars, Savoy creates a compelling picture of the life of a provincial Irish town. By turns comical and elegiac, the men's shared memories finally expose the fiction and frailty that lie at the heart of their relationships.

Savoy premiered at the Peacock Theatre, Dublin in May 2004, as part of abbeyonehundred, the Abbey Theatre’s centenary celebrations.

Eugene O'Brien was an actor for ten years before writing his play Eden. The play has been translated into many langauges and performed in London's West End, around Europe and Canada, and in the USA. The play received the Irish Times Best New Play of the Year Award in 2001, the 2001 Stewart Parker New Playwright Bursary and the 2003 Rooney Prize for Literature. Other plays include Savoy, and plays for radio and television.