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audio My Visits with MGM

LA Theatre Works
Type: Audio

A wistful look back at a young Hispanic woman’s “MGM” which stands for “My Grandmama”. The narrator often channels “MGM” for advice as she tries to succeed as a second-generation American.

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring Yolanda Lloyd, Tony Plana, Rose Portillo, Ruben Sierra and Renee Victor.

Directed by Peggy Shannon. Recorded before a live audience in June, 1992.

Featuring: Yolanda Lloyd, Tony Plana, Rose Portillo, Ruben Sierra, Renee Victor

Edit Villarreal is a playwright and screenwriter, and currently Professor and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television. My Visits with MGM, perhaps her best-known play, is a largely autobiographical, poetic piece which remembers her childhood times spent with her maternal grandmother. Praised by Echo Theatre who wrote that "part of Villarreal's power as a Chicana writer is her evocation of te duality experienced by the children of immigrants and their need to discover and embrace an identity that is both and neither", Villarreal's other plays include The Language of Flowers and Marriage is Forever.