Plays by David Linton

Hamlet (adapt. Norfolk)

Aurora Metro Books
Type: Text

Remember me . . . Denmark, a Black Empire of modern England, where an intelligent young student discovers the world he once knew has crumbled. Implored to defend what is left of his father's decaying legacy, Hamlet now faces the greatest moral challenge: to kill or not to kill. Adapted with Shakespeare's text by award-winning playwright Mark Norfolk, this fast-moving version gets straight to the heart of a young man's dilemma.

Contains interviews with adaptor, Mark Norfolk, and director Jeffery Kissoon, and a Preface, 'Performing Dialogues of Race and Culture', by Dr David Linton. An Education Resource Pack gives teachers and students information about the play, this production, and practical classroom games and exercises linked to the National Curriculum; presentation, discussing, role play and performance, improvisation, and writing (download on BTL website).

This fast-paced, all-Black, contemporary version of Hamlet has appeal across audiences young and old, those studying English and Drama at school, those recently introduced to Hamlet through popular TV adaptations and classic drama audiences. In particular, lovers of traditional drama and Shakespeare, schools and Black African & Caribbean audiences (including previous Black Theatre Live tours), as well as students studying Shakespeare and/or drama studies.