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A gothic science-fiction thriller, Observatory details the entangled lives of four people across two centuries.

The play is set at the Armagh Observatory and Museum for Astronomy and Natural Philosophy, in both 1799 and 1999. Historian Jon McKenna, hired to compile a computerised catalogue of the Observatory archives, finds his life becoming entangled with that of Nicola McLoughlin, assistant astronomer at the Observatory. Together they work to uncover the two-hundred-year-old story of astronomer Archibald Hamilton and his assistant Robert Hogg – man of science, man of God, and revolutionary. The Observatory, a symbol of both science and religion, becomes the setting for a powerful exploration of nationhood and revolution, love and betrayal.

Daragh Carville’s play was first performed in 1999 at the Peacock Theatre, Dublin.

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Daragh Carville is a playwright and screenwriter. His plays, which include Language Roulette, Observatory and This Other City have been widely produced in Britain and Ireland, well as in France, Italy, Germany, Holland, and the US.

His first feature film, Middleton, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York in 2006, and was nominated in nine categories at the 2007 Irish Film and Television Awards, including Best Film and Best Screenplay. It was cited as one of the Irish films of the decade by the Irish Times in December 2009.

Cherrybomb, Carville's second film, was selected for the Generations section of the 2009 Berlin Film Festival and won the Audience Award at the 2009 Belfast Film Festival. He has won the Stewart Parker and the Meyer Whitworth awards.