Daniel David Moses

Plays by Daniel David Moses

Almighty Voice and His Wife

Playwrights Canada Press
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Almighty Voice and His Wife shakes up a familiar story from the Saskatchewan frontier, reimagining it from the postmodern late twentieth century. The “renegade Indian story” transforms into both an eloquent tale of tragic love and an often hilarious, fully theatrical exorcism of the hurts of history. A modern classic about the place of First Nations people in Canada.

Picture of Daniel David Moses

Daniel David Moses is ‘a coroner of the theatre who slices open the human heart to reveal the fear, hatred and love that have eaten away at it. His dark play . . . can leave its audience shaking with emotion’ (Kate Taylor, The Globe and Mail, about The Indian Medicine Shows). Moses, a Delaware from the Six Nations lands on the Grand River, lives in Toronto, where he writes, and in Kingston, where he teaches in the Department of Drama at Queen’s University.