Plays by Damien Atkins

Good Mother

Playwrights Canada Press
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The Driver family struggles to cope with an accident that robs them of a mother, leaving them to care for her as she fights to regain her memory. Touching and powerful, Good Mother examines the ties that hold a family together and the crises that draw them apart. A compelling drama by one of Canada's most promising playwrights, Damien Atkins.

Winner of the 2001 Prism/UBC Creative Writing Department Award

audio Lucy

LA Theatre Works
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In a thought-provoking new play, 13 year old Lucy, who suffers from autism, moves in with her estranged, misanthropic mother. Having lived her entire life with her father, Lucy, as well as her mom, struggle with all the difficulties of such an arrangement. “ A complicated and thoughtful piece” says

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring Lucy DeVito, Roxanne Hart, Geoffrey Lower, Sarah Rafferty and Raphael Sbarge.

Includes a conversation with Dr. Daniel Geschwind, a leading researcher in the field of genetics, especially as it pertains to autism. He holds the Gordon and Virginia MacDonald Distinguished Chair in Human Genetics and is Director of the Neurogenetics Program and the Center for Autism Research and Treatment at UCLA.

Lucy is part of L.A. Theatre Works’ Relativity Series featuring science-themed plays. Major funding for the Relativity Series is provided by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to enhance public understanding of science and technology in the modern world.

Featuring: Lucy DeVito, Roxanne Hart, Geoffrey Lower, Sarah Rafferty, Raphael Sbarge


Playwrights Canada Press
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A world-renowned and much-respected anthropologist, Vivian is most comfortable in her world of quiet solitude, balking at even the idea of interaction with the outside world. Her life is abruptly changed, however, when her ex-husband shows up and asks Vivian to take their thirteen-year-old autistic daughter, Lucy,

Reluctantly Vivian agrees, although motherhood is something that she never desired. Overwhelmed by the particulars of Lucy's care and unable to connect with her daughter at first, Vivian soon realizes that Lucy isn't that different from her – socially awkward, emotionally withholding and reclusive – and slowly comes to believe that she and Lucy are the next step in the evolutionary chain.

A powerful play about the relationship between mother and daughter, the power of love and the rare moments in life when something, or someone, comes along and forces us to re-evaluate our own lives and the way we respond to the world around us.

The Mill: Part IV: Ash

Playwrights Canada Press
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In part four, Ash, the mill stands: battered and surrounded by ash. Inside, five young people cling to life. Can hope take root on such poisoned ground?

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Actor and playwright Damien Atkins was born in Australia and grew up in Edmonton. He is the author and performer of two solo shows: miss chatelaine and Real Live Girl, as well as the full-length plays Good Mother and Lucy. He has been playwright-in-residence at the Canadian Stage Company and at the University of British Columbia and is the recipient of a Dora Award nomination for Best New Play for Lucy, a Sterling Award for miss chatelaine, and two Dora Awards for Real Live Girl. Damien Atkins is a member of the Theatrefront Ensemble and a guest instructor at the National Theatre School. He makes his home in Toronto.