Plays by Cathy Forde


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When you’re only sixteen, could the events of one night really shape the course of your life? Divert you from becoming the man you might have become, stunt you, burden you, trap you, destroy you, change the very core of you?

In Cathy Forde's Empty the colloquial and dialogue-driven writing explores themes relevant to the lives of teenagers: fitting in with demanding mates; desiring the undesirable and the unobtainable; and severely fractured relations with parents.

Commissioned by the National Theatre of Scotland as an initiative to encourage younger audiences into the theatre Empty premiered at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, on 12 March 2010 before embarking on a national tour of Scotland including a number of exclusive performances for schools, youth groups and colleges March -April 2010.

Cathy Forde is one of Scotland's leading novelists for young people. Her numerous contemporary and often Glaswegian novels include Fat Boy Swim, Skarrs, Sugarcoated and The Drowning Pond. Her novels are translated into several languages are studied as part of English curriculums throughout the UK. She is the Virtual Writer in Residence for Teens and Young People with the Scottish Booktrust, and has won the Grampian Book Award and Scottish Arts Council award. Her plays include Empty, The Sunday Lesson, and Supply.