Ali Abdel-Nabi Al-Zaidi

Plays by Ali Abdel-Nabi Al-Zaidi

Summer Rain  

Bloomsbury Publishing
Type: Text

Addresses a question that is often posed on the Iraqi street: who is real and who is a clone? Taking place in a house between a wife and her multiple husbands it calls upon the nascent science of human cloning in order to broach the subject of post-dictatorship politics in Iraq.  

Ali Abdel-Nabi Al-Zaidi was born in Nasiriya in 1965, and graduated from the Teacher's Institute of that city in 1987. His play collections include The Eighth Day of the Week (Thamin Ayam al-Usbu'; 2000), The Return of the Man Who Has Not been Absent (Awda al-Rajul allthi lam Yaghib; 2005), A Show in Arabic (Ardh bil Arabi; 2011), and The Divine Plays (Al-ilahiyat; 2014).