Ailis Ni Riain

Plays by Ailis Ni Riain

Desolate Heaven

Bloomsbury Publishing
Type: Text

Sive (12) and Orlaith (13) are two young girls responsible for the care of their respective parents. When these duties of care prove too strong for the two, Orlaith offers to take Sive away – away from the city, from her house and from her responsibilities; Sive can't help but agree. This decision sets the pair off on a journey during which their reclaimed youth is forced up against new responsibilities and burdens whose escape routes are not so clear as before.

Desolate Heaven is a story of two young girls burdened with unnatural responsibilities. It is a story of falling in love for the first time and a story about running away. It is a story about growing up too soon and about why love can sometimes be dangerous.

The play received its world premiere at Theatre503, London, on 5 February 2013, in a production directed by Paul Robinson.

Born in Cork, Ireland and currently residing in Northern England, the classical composer and writer Ailís Ní Ríain produces work in a wide range of forms including opera, site-responsive, theatre, digital art, public realm, concert music and music-theatre and aims to challenge, provoke and engage. She won the Tom Erhardt Peggy Ramsay Award with Desolate Heaven.