Abdul Razaq al Rubai

Plays by Abdul Razaq al Rubai

A Strange Bird on our Roof  

Bloomsbury Publishing
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An American soldier, stationed on the roof of the home of an Iraqi the army is seeking, establishes a fragile bond of common humanity with the mother of the house, but at the end, the dynamics of the war and the occupation destroy all hope of such a humane outcome.  

Abdul Razaq al Rubai was born in Baghdad in 1961 and received his B.A. in Arabic Language from Baghdad University. He has served as an editor for many cultural and literary magazines, and he is a well-known poet whose verse has been anthologized in numerous volumes, including A Tribute to Her Laughter (Fi al-Thanaa ala Dhihkataha; Muscat, 2015), Speicher's Birds (Tiyour Speicher; Baghdad, 2014), and Nostalgia Diary (Yaoumiyat al-Hanin; Muscat, 2012). His plays include: A Strange Bird on Our Roof (Alla Sathuna Tair Ghraib), published in Muscat in 2013; Hell's Evangelists (Umraa al-Jahim), produced in Auckland in 2007; and Tramps Catching Stars (al-Sa'alik Yastadhoon al-Nijoom) and Planets of the Personal System (Kawakib al-Majmua al-Shakhsiya), both produced in Cairo in 2004. He currently resides in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, and works at the Studies and Research Centre, Oman Establishment for Press Publication and Advertising.