DOI: 10.5040/9781408162859.00000004
Roles: Male (4) , Female (2) , Neutral (0)

Weldon Rising is a startling, surreal and incandescent play, about four people in a heat wave, and a murder.

The spindly Natty Weldon is trapped in the epicentre of a city on heat. His boyfriend has been stabbed, and Natty is consumed with cowardice and grief. The incident was witnessed, and is re-enacted, under the gaze of two quarrelsome neighbourhood lesbians, Tilly and Jaye, whose own relationship floods the stage in tandem with the main event. Further commentary is provided by an outrageous transvestite, Marcel, who speaks only in the third person.

The rising heat is accompanied by reports on the radio of a plane exploding on take-off, of a bus melting, and of all the bridges collapsing: Nagy presents a city in meltdown in which the characters are cast adrift, but bravely trying to reclaim the world and each other.

Weldon Rising was first produced at the Liverpool Playhouse Studio in 1992.

From Nagy Plays: 1


Bloomsbury Publishing

Phyllis Nagy

ISBN: 9780413723703

Series: Contemporary Dramatists

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