Tulip Doctorby Vera Filo (from: Eastern Promise)

1. In The Room

Seven acres of ceiling, One part of the kaleidoscope. Glitter. Soft footsteps. Some humming is heard. A gun-shot.
Mama Who is it?
Papa (lifts his head up to listen) Must be hard working in the dark.
Mama How do you know?
Papa I have worked for an insurance company.
Mama I hope you haven't told anybody.
Papa Don't nag.
Mama You nerd.
In front of their window soldiers are marching by, 'left, right, left, right'. They have virtual-reality helmets on their heads. The phone rings.
Papa It's for you. (lifts his old index-finger and grins.)
Mama I don't care. I've only been in town for a few years.
Papa We have a lot in common, babe.
In front of their window more cyber-soldiers are passing, they are spinning huge CD-s on their fingers and singing: 'Baby, baby' – zombie-euphoria.
Mama It's time you got up.
Papa We've had a long struggle.
Mama Do you remember?
Papa I've learnt to shit on my own doorstep.
Mama (points to the other room) Should we do something with him?
Papa Let's wrap him up and put him on the table.
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