DOI: 10.5040/9781580815260.01

Duration: 1:12:28

  • 001-Introduction.mp3 0:00:36
  • 002-Act One, Scene 1.mp3 0:05:33
  • 003-Act One, Scene 2.mp3 0:06:39
  • 004-Act One, Scene 3.mp3 0:05:34
  • 005-Act One, Scene 4.mp3 0:10:31
  • 006-Act Two, Scene 5.mp3 0:05:30
  • 007-Act Two, Scene 6.mp3 0:05:01
  • 008-Act Two, Scene 7.mp3 0:10:36
  • 009-Act Two, Scene 8.mp3 0:10:41
  • 010-Act Two, Scene 9.mp3 0:11:17
  • 011-Credits.mp3 0:00:30

Pulitzer-Prize winner Sam Shepard’s classic comedy is a story of estranged brothers Austin and Lee. Shepard compares and contrasts the reality of the two brothers by forcing them to come to terms with each other, with themselves, and with family.

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring Dean Cameron, Alfred Molina, Charlotte Rae and Francis Guinan.

Featuring: Dean Cameron, Alfred Molina, Charlotte Rae, Francis Guinan

From True West


LA Theatre Works

Sam Shepard

ISBN: 9781580815260

Series: L.A. Theatre Works

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