Three Monologues from Vault Zero

DOI: 10.5040/9781408189511.00000011

In Bloodshot, an eighteen-year old girl goes for a walk in Victoria Park after a brass band concert, and meets a younger boy with a bloodshot eye. The eye unlocks something within the girl, usually rational and unemotional, as she becomes obsessed with its owner.

In Angry, a delusional sociopath whose favourite film is Bambi takes out his rage on the audience he’s trying unsuccessfully to ignore, relating tall tales of attacking a young couple at a bus stop and running over a woman in his car.

In Vooosh!, the world and all its inhabitants have been scorched and shrivelled by a fiery wind and a flash of neon light. Only a schoolboy and his parents remain, free to roam around in search of food and entertainment, free from the playground bullying that continues to haunt the boy’s dreams.

From Ridley Plays 1


Bloomsbury Publishing

Philip Ridley

ISBN: 9781408142318

Series: Contemporary Dramatists

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