This Is What Happens Next

DOI: 10.5040/9781770917163.00000003
Roles: Male (6) , Female (1) , Neutral (0)

Most people hope for happy endings. For Warren, a gay divorcee, that means getting his stuff back; most importantly, his cherished John Denver CD. And then there’s Warren’s assortment of friends: Susan, a Percocet-fuelled divorce lawyer whose daughters are giving her a hard time; tarot-reading Aaron, who is dating Susan and who secretly used to be known as Erin; Mike, an alcoholic who sometimes sees his son on Saturdays; and Kevin, Mike’s kid who has an imaginary friend. Observing and directing all of their lives is the human will – or Will, as he prefers to be called – who doesn’t quite believe in those happy endings. This Is What Happens Next is an intensely relatable, multi-character story that explores the anguish of addiction and divorce as it delves into the fundamentals of human desire and asks the philosophical question, ‘What happens next?’

From This Is What Happens Next


Playwrights Canada Press

Daniel MacIvor

ISBN: 9781770912007

Series: Playwrights Canada Press

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