DOI: 10.5040/9781770917132.00000004
Acts: 2. Scenes: 18. Roles: Male (2) , Female (2) , Neutral (0)

Elora Dixon is a vibrant, middle-aged lawyer and disability-rights activist who has never walked a step in her life. A neuromuscular disease left her with a curved spine and a reliance on around-the-clock care. Nonetheless, she is an inexorable force when chance pits her against the notorious Julian Summer, who is in town promoting his internationally bestselling book. Julian is a fervent supporter of euthanasia and Elora is the counter-argument – a living rebuke to parents who want the option of euthanizing a disabled newborn. So it comes as a shock, especially to Elora, when the two find themselves acutely attracted to one another. Will she learn to negotiate her feelings and her convictions, or will Julian’s beliefs begin to colour her own?

From The Thrill


Playwrights Canada Press

Judith Thompson

ISBN: 9781770913219

Series: Playwrights Canada Press

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