DOI: 10.5040/9781408164365.00000010
Acts: 2.

At a public meeting a vote is taken; should the unused field next to the supermarket be converted into a children's playground, allowing parents somewhere to leave their children in safety and enjoyment while they shop? Having been so long used as an unofficial dump, this vote presents an opportunity to do something positive for the community.

It seems like a straightforward decision; there is only one obstacle, a magnificent three-hundred-year-old oak tree which stands proudly in the field. Once used as a makeshift playground itself, it is known as the See-saw tree, after the branch upon which children rocked back and forth.

As the issue is debated, suddenly another world emerges: the community of animals who live in the tree come to life. There is an owl, a dunnock, a squirrel, a jay, a thrush, a cuckoo, a rabbit and a bat. With their habitat under threat they find themselves having to put aside their squabbles and work together to save their community.

But how will the people vote?

The See-Saw Tree was first performed by the Farnham Repertory Company in 1986.

From Wood Plays: 1


Bloomsbury Publishing

David Wood

ISBN: 9780413737007

Series: Contemporary Dramatists

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