DOI: 10.5040/9781350066236.00000005
Scenes: 16. Roles: Male (19) , Female (3) , Neutral (0)

'It's not enough that men are watched;

they must think themselves watched,

even when they are not'

Spymaster Sir Francis Walsingham oversees a cast surveillance network from the heart of Elizabeth I's court. As the nation's relationship with Europe deteriorates and civil unrest grows, Walsingham adopts ever more extreme tactics to keep his queen and country safe. But does he risk losing control of the apparatus he has created and destryoing the lives ot those closest to him? And can such safety ever be achieved?

The Secret Theatre asks what we are prepared to sacrifice in order to ensure our safety. Shot through with moments of the blackest humour, this smart, tense thriller was published to coincide with the world premiere at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at Shakespeare#s Globe Theatre in November 2017.

From The Secret Theatre


Bloomsbury Publishing

Anders Lustgarten

ISBN: 9781350065277

Series: Modern Plays

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