DOI: 10.5040/9781408168875.00000004
Roles: Male (4) , Female (1) , Neutral (0)

The Saliva Milkshake is a short and chilling play, part of Brenton’s group of ‘Plays for the Poor Theatre’ – plays with minimal theatrical requirements and small casts, but fierce intensity.

When Martin comes home to his flat, he finds Joan who has broken in and made herself a coffee, after killing the Home Secretary. They were revolutionary socialists in their student days, but while Joan is still rebelling, Martin has settled into a middle-class academic position, and he is horrified to find Joan appealing to him for help. The play is the story of an intellectual forced into action in an oppressive and watchful society.

The Saliva Milkshake was first performed in 1975 at the Soho Poly Lunchtime Theatre.

From Plays For The Poor Theatre


Bloomsbury Publishing

Howard Brenton

ISBN: 9780413470805

Series: Modern Plays

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