DOI: 10.5040/9780571285983.00000017
Acts: 5. Scenes: 7. Roles: Male (19) , Female (7) , Neutral (0)

Tony Harrison’s radical reassessment of French Classical drama continues with Victor Hugo’s Le Roi s’amuse. The play was banned after only one performance in 1832 and became better known later as the basis for Rigoletto.

The Prince’s Play is Harrison’s eighth piece for the Royal National Theatre. His other work there includes: The Misanthrope, Phaedra Britannica, Bow Down, The Mysteries, The Oresteia, The Trackers of Oxyrynchus and Square Rounds. The Prince’s Play premièred at the Royal National Theatre in April 1996.

From Tony Harrison Plays 2


Faber and Faber

Tony Harrison

ISBN: 9780571210411

Series: Faber Drama

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