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Duration: 4:00:23

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Ayckbourn’s celebrated trilogy The Norman Conquests - three hilarious and poignant plays depicting the same six characters in one house over one weekend, namely Norman and his romantic follies.

Table Manners: England’s famous seducer of other men’s wives lays siege to his sister-in-law in the first “battle”. A middle-class family trying to have a pleasant country weekend is no match for Norman, who horrifies everyone by doing exactly as he likes. Living Together: In the second “battle” Norman gets drunk on homemade wine – and all hell breaks loose. He unleashes his merry brand of manipulative charm on the hapless guests and even his most formidable opponents go down in defeat on the drawing room rug. Round and Round the Garden: In the third “battle” the setting is Mother’s overgrown English garden, where something more troublesome than brambles lurks among the roses. Havoc ensues as this satirical masterpiece makes its way to a hilarious conclusion. L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performances featuring: Rosalind Ayres as Sarah Kenneth Danziger as Reg Martin Jarvis as Norman Jane Leeves as Annie Christopher Neame as Tom Carolyn Seymour as Ruth

Featuring: Rosalind Ayres, Kenneth Danziger, Martin Jarvis, Jane Leeves, Christopher Neame, Carolyn Seymour

From Norman Conquests, The


LA Theatre Works

Alan Ayckbourn

ISBN: 9781580815666

Series: L.A. Theatre Works

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