DOI: 10.5040/9781580816274.01

Duration: 1:44:38

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"One of America's great dramatists rocked the worlds of Broadway and Hollywood in this moving drama about a desperately self-destructive alcoholic actor and Georgie, his long-suffering wife. A searing, emotional play of love and redemption.

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance starring:

Harry Hamlin as Bernie Dodd

Stacy Keach as Frank Elgin

Mare Winningham as Georgie Elgin

Jamie Hanes as Larry

Rick Podell as Phil Cook

Spencer Garrett as Paul Unger

Mandy Siegfried as Nancy Stoddard

Directed by Nancy Malone. Recorded before a live audience at the Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles."

Featuring: Spencer Garrett, Harry Hamlin, Jamie Hanes, Stacy Keach, Rick Podell, Mandy Siegfried, Mare Winningham

From Country Girl, The


LA Theatre Works

Clifford Odets

ISBN: 9781580816274

Series: L.A. Theatre Works

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