DOI: 10.5040/9781408182383.00000003
Scenes: 16.

London is infected. The dead fall in the streets. As the plague pits fill, the people of London struggle to maintain a society in the face of overwhelming mortality. Based on eye-witness accounts from 1665 and drawing poetic parallels with modern epidemics, Ten Plagues relates one man’s journey through a city in crisis.

Told entirely through a series of songs, Ten Plagues explores humanity’s struggle with sickness and death and celebrates our capacity for survival.

Ten Plagues was first performed at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, on 1 August 2011.

From 'Ten Plagues' and 'The Coronation of Poppea'


Bloomsbury Publishing

Mark Ravenhill

ISBN: 9781408160541

Series: Modern Plays

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