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T5 portrays a road trip below the heart of London and follows a darkly magical flight out to the edges of the 21st Century. Visions of violence, and the ancient and modern lights of the city mingle with the dreams and nightmares of family life in this searing monologue.

T5 was written for DryWrite Theatre Company and read by Deborah Findlay as part of their DryDance night at Camden Roundhouse on 7 July 2008. It was subsequently performed by Meg Fraser as part of the ‘Impossible Things Before Breakfast’ series at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, on 18 and 28 August 2010, in a production directed by Dominic Hill, before receiving its German-language premiere at the Schauspiel Frankfurt on 16 February 2011, in a translation by Barbara Christian, performed by Claude De Demo and directed by Lily Sykes.

From 'Wastwater' and 'T5'


Bloomsbury Publishing

Simon Stephens

ISBN: 9781408154861

Series: Modern Plays

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