DOI: 10.5040/9781408167021.00000003
Acts: 2. Roles: Male (6) , Female (1) , Neutral (0)

By turns tender, shocking and funny, Sucker Punch looks back on what it was like to be young and black in the '80s and asks if the right battles have been fought, let alone won.

In the red corner: Leon Davidson - Black British champ or Uncle Tom? In the blue corner: Troy Augustus - American powerhouse or naive cash cow? Having spent their youth in the same London boxing gym, vying for the favouritism of inspirational, foul-mouthed trainer Charlie Maggs, the two former friends step into the ring and face up to who they are. Williams combines very real characters with potent, nuanced dialectics to create a tough, forceful drama of race and money.

Sucker Punch was first performed in 2010 at the Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Downstairs, London.

From Sucker Punch


Bloomsbury Publishing

Roy Williams

ISBN: 9781408131367

Series: Modern Plays

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