Six Actors in Search of a Director

DOI: 10.5040/9781408182505.00000036
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'A one-act play is like a confession'. So writes Steven Berkoff in the preface to the collection of his One-Act Plays. In his introduction to the collection, Geoffrey Colman, Head of Acting at Central School of Speech and Drama writes:'It is the one-act play, however, that most profoundly and immediately amplifies Berkoff’s extraordinary literary and theatrical voice. . . In discussion, [Berkoff's] eyes quite literally light up at the mere mention of the one-act construct. With relish, he outlines the bare-knuckled immediacy of its form and fatal but inevitable blow. Perhaps the very real pleasure in reading these nineteen one-act plays by Berkoff should not be about comparing them to his other plays at all, but imagining them newly and in performance. Berkoff’s theatre continues to refuse smallness of theme and narrative, and defies those who wish to collapse the place of theatre into reality-inspired ‘true’. A reading of these pieces will require the need for a performance alertness, ‘real’ at its very threshold.'

Six Actors in Search of a Director shows the run of secondary actors in a major Hollywood production. Filming somewhere in the biting cold, the various actors are awaiting their call in the green room. All of them are in awe of the unseen star of the movie, and all of them feel the crushing reality of their own secondary existences – important only when the star's eyes, or more exactly, the director's camera, should light upon their forms.

From Steven Berkoff: One Act Plays


Bloomsbury Publishing

Steven Berkoff

ISBN: 9781408182475

Series: Play Anthologies

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