Silk Road (How to Buy Drugs Online)  

DOI: 10.5040/9781350079625.00000002
Scenes: 12. Roles: Male (1) , Female (0) , Neutral (0)

How is it delivered? That's the best bit! Royal Mail. Postman Pat brings your smack to your door with a smile and his black and white cat is none the wiser.

Bruce is nineteen, unemployed and living with his Nan. A struggling young Geordie tech-head, he's the unlikeliest international criminal mastermind you can imagine. But sucked into an underworld dark web of new-age pirates, local gangsters and tea-cosies, it isn't long before Bruce discovers how easy it is to buy narcotics online.

Prompted by the arrest in October 2013 of the alleged owner of Silk Road, and the first play ever to be funded by bitcoin, Alex Oates's play is a biting black comedy about how simple it is not only to buy, but also sell drugs online. Published alongside Rules For Being a Man, a stirring new play that uses silent disco technology to create a vivid soundscape and take the audience into the head of three generations of men as they struggle with mental health issues and contemplate suicide.

From Silk Road (How to Buy Drugs Online) and Rules for Being a Man


Bloomsbury Publishing

Alex Oates

ISBN: 9781350079595

Series: Modern Plays

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