She Stoops to Conquer (NT)

DOI: 10.5040/9781350935006.01

Duration: 2:28:01

  • She Stoops to Conquer 2:28:01

Age recommendation: 12+

This production was recorded through National Theatre Live on 29th March, 2012.

Hardcastle, a man of substance, looks forward to acquainting his daughter with his old pal's son, with a view to marriage. But thanks to playboy Lumpkin, he's mistaken by his prospective son-in-law Marlowe for an innkeeper, and his daughter for a local barmaid.

But while Marlowe can barely speak to a woman of quality, he's a charmer with those of a different stamp. And so, as Hardcastle's indignation intensifies, Miss Hardcastle's appreciation for her misguided suitor soars. Misdemeanours multiply, love blossoms, and mayhem ensues.

One of the great, generous-hearted and ingenious comedies of the English language, Goldsmith's She Stoops to Conquer offers a celebration of chaos, courtship and the dysfunctional family.

Bet Bouncer: Amy Booth-Steel
Bridget: Sarah Moyle
Constance Neville: Cush Jumbo
Dick Muggins: Stavros Demetraki
Diggory: Oliver Jackson
Douglas: Matthew Seadon-Young
Hastings: John Heffernan
Jack Slang: Russel Wilcox
Jeremy: Matthew Seadon-Young
Kate Hardcastle:Katherine Kelly
Landlord: Gavin Spokes
Mark: Stavros Demetraki
Marlow: Harry Hadden-Paton
Mr Hardcastle: Steve Pemberton
Mrs Hardcastle: Sophie Thompson
Paul: Russel Wilcox
Phyllis: Zoe Rainey
Pimple: Amy Booth-Steel
Roger: Jonathan Glew
Sir Charles Marlow: Timothy Speyer
Thomas: Terry Doe
Tony Lumpkin: David Fynn
William: Gavin Spokes

Director: Jamie Lloyd
Designer: Mark Thompson
Lighting Designer: Neil Austin
Music Director: David Shrubsole
Movement Director: Ann Yee
Staff Director: Sam Yates
Production Manager: Jim Leaver
Stage Manager: Shane Tom
Assistant Stage Manager: Ella May McDermott
Assistant Stage Manager: Amy Griffin
Costume Supervisor: Yvonne Milnes
Props Buyer (NT): Kirsten Shiell
Deputy Production Manager: Marius Ronning
Assistant to the Designer: Ben Davies
Assistant to the Designer: Jason Southgate
Assistant to the Designer: Alistair Turner
Assistant to the Designer: Elizabeth Brett
Etiquette Consultant: Sue Lefton
Period Dance Consultant: Darren Royston
Dance Captain: Zoe Rainey
Dance Captain: Russel Wilcox
Social Historian: Daru Rooke
Theatre Historian: Michael Caines
Text Consultant: Tiffany Stern
Casting: Charlotte Sutton
Production Photographer: Johan Persson
Casting: Alastair Coomer
Dialect Coach: Kate Godfrey
Assistant to the Lighting Designer: Daniel / Dan Haggerty
Deputy Stage Manager: Ian Farmery
Company Voice Work: Jeanette Nelson
Sound and Music: Max Ringham
Sound and Music: Ben Ringham
Associate Sound Designer: Matt / Matthew Berry

From She Stoops to Conquer


National Theatre

Oliver Goldsmith

ISBN: 9781350935006

Series: National Theatre Collection