Shakespeare in the Present

DOI: 10.5040/9781350997271.01

Duration: 6:00:03

  • 01a Patsy Rodenburg - Shakespeare in the Present 0:49:20
  • 01b Patsy Rodenburg - Shakespeare in the Present 0:52:55
  • 02 Michael Howard Studios - Body in Second Circle 0:22:25
  • 03 Michael Howard Studios - Centre 0:44:52
  • 04 Michael Howard Studios - Breath 0:15:19
  • 05 Michael Howard Studios - Support and Ensemble 0:17:19
  • 06 Guildhall Year 2 - Intro and Warm Up 0:33:00
  • 07 Guildhall Year 2 - Body in Second Circle 0:24:49
  • 08 Guildhall Year 2 - Speaking the Text 0:40:36
  • 09 Guild Hall Year 2 - Owning the Text 0:13:28
  • 10 Hamlet - Joseph Fiennes 0:46:00

“The best thing you can possibly have is a class with Patsy.” Dame Judi Dench

“Patsy Rodenburg wants to free your voice so that you can express yourself fully and honestly.” Sir Ian McKellen

Filmed on the stages of Michael Howard Studios in New York and The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, Shakespeare in the Present brings you hours of private coaching with acclaimed master acting teaching Patsy Rodenburg’s and her unique approach to voice and acting. The six hour masterclass allows you to explore Patsy's highly sought-after techniques and exercises in Movement, Speech, Body and Vocal Warmup. In addition, Patsy works one-on-one with actors performing speeches from Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth, King Lear, and many more. Watch Patsy's techniques come to life through her work with actors at all levels including renowned actors Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love, Elizabeth).

From Shakespeare in the Present



Patsy Rodenburg

ISBN: 9781350997271

Series: Rodenburg

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