DOI: 10.5040/9781784604332.00000002
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Stephen Laughton's Run is monologue play that traces the coming-of-age of a gay Jewish teenager. It was produced by iN BLOOM and first performed at VAULT Festival, London, on 10 February 2016. After a national tour, the play transferred to The Bunker, London, in March 2017.

The play is narrated by Yonni, a seventeen-year-old gay Jewish kid. His devoutly religious family is preparing for the weekly shabbat, but he can think only about his schoolmate, Adam, with whom he is infatuated. As the evening’s events unfold - some of them real, some of them imagined - a deeply personal story about first love and infatuation expands to interrogate the difficult intersection of religion and queerness.

The premiere production was directed by Lucy Wray and performed by Tom Ross-Williams.

From Run


Nick Hern Books

Stephen Laughton

ISBN: 9781848426610

Series: NHB Modern Plays

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