DOI: 10.5040/9781784602772.00000008
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Enda Walsh's Room 303 is a short monologue inspired by the New Testament's Third Epistle of John and first produced by the Bush Theatre, London, as part of the Sixty-Six Books season on 13 October 2011. It was subsequently shown as an installation at the Galway International Arts Festival in 2014.

The play's action takes place in a 'cheap hotel room'. A stage direction states that 'a Man's voice is heard'. We learn that he is a travelling religious salesman who, confronted by the futility of his existence, has given up his vocation. All that’s left is this hotel room, his ageing body and a fat fly.

The Bush Theatre production was directed by Madani Younis and performed by Niall Buggy, who also performed the piece at the Galway International Arts Festival.

From Enda Walsh Plays: Two


Nick Hern Books

Enda Walsh

ISBN: 9781848424227

Series: NHB Modern Plays

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