DOI: 10.5040/9781580817523.01

Duration: 2:02:14

  • 001_Introduction.mp3 0:00:52
  • 002_Act One Scene One.mp3 0:01:33
  • 003_Act One Scene Two.mp3 0:04:25
  • 004_Act One Scene Three.mp3 0:06:52
  • 005_Act One Scene Four.mp3 0:12:59
  • 006_Act One Scene Five.mp3 0:01:20
  • 007_Act One Scene Six.mp3 0:05:06
  • 008_Act One Scene Seven.mp3 0:02:19
  • 009_Act One Scene Eight.mp3 0:09:53
  • 010_Act One Scene Nine.mp3 0:01:30
  • 011_Act One Scene Ten.mp3 0:02:54
  • 012_Act One Scene Eleven.mp3 0:09:31
  • 013_Act One Scene Twelve.mp3 0:01:42
  • 014_Act Two Scene One.mp3 0:13:05
  • 015_Act Two Scene Two.mp3 0:01:51
  • 016_Act Two Scene Three.mp3 0:06:50
  • 017_Act Two Scene Four.mp3 0:02:08
  • 018_Act Two Scene Five.mp3 0:01:47
  • 019_Act Two Scene Six.mp3 0:09:47
  • 020_Act Two Scene Seven.mp3 0:01:16
  • 021_Act Two Scene Eight.mp3 0:13:16
  • 022_Act Two Scene Nine.mp3 0:06:01
  • 023_Act Two Scene Ten.mp3 0:02:17
  • 024_Act Two Scene Eleven.mp3 0:02:08
  • 025_Credits.mp3 0:00:52

Four clergymen seek to make sense of their mission while being torn in all directions by the Church of England. After a critically lauded debut in 1990 at London’s National Theatre, Racing Demon went on to earn universal acclaim. More than 20 years later, David Hare’s bold and moving revelations on gay ordination and the doctrine of the priesthood ring more resoundingly than ever.

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast recording, starring Jared Harris, Lesley Nichol, Rosie Fellner, Paul Fox, Jason Hughes, Martin Jarvis, Christopher Neame, Alan Shearman, Simon Templeman, Jane Wall, and Matthew Wolf.

Directed by Rosalind Ayres. Recorded before an audience by L.A. Theatre Works.

Featuring: Rosie Fellner, Paul Fox, Jared Harris, Jason Hughes, Martin Jarvis, Christopher Neame, Lesley Nicol, Alan Shearman, Simon Templeman, Jane Wall, Matthew Wolf

From Racing Demon


LA Theatre Works

David Hare

ISBN: 9781580817523

Series: L.A. Theatre Works

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