Peter Pan (Bristol Old Vic / NT)

J.M. Barrie adapted by the Companies

DOI: 10.5040/9781350997707.01

Duration: 2:15:59

  • Peter Pan 2:15:59

Age recommendation: 7+

Recorded through National Theatre Live on 10th June, 2017 as a co-production with Bristol Old Vic Theatre.

All children grow up, except one.

When Peter Pan loses his shadow, headstrong Wendy helps him reattach it. In return, she is invited to Neverland, where Tinker Bell the fairy, Tiger Lily and the vengeful Captain Hook await. A riot of music, magic and make-believe ensues.

A delight for children and adults alike, Sally Cookson directs this wondrously inventive devised production of JM Barrie's classic.

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Tinker Bell / Curly / Pirate: Saikat Ahamed
Ensemble: Suzanne Ahmet
John: Marc Antolin
Musician: Benji Bower
Musician: Will Bower
Tiger Lily / Slightly: Lois Chimimba
Musician: Richie Crago
Lost Boy Twin / Pirate: Laura Cubitt
Ensemble: Phoebe Fildes
Hook / Mrs Darling: Anna Francolini
Musician: Ruth Hammond
Smee / Mr Darling: Felix Hayes
Peter Pan: Paul Hilton
Ensemble: John Leader
Jane / Nibs / Pirate: Amaka Okafor
Michael: John Pfumojena
Nana / Toots / Pirate: Ekow Quartey
Ensemble: Jessica Temple
Ensemble: Dan Wheeler
Wendy: Madeleine Worrall

Other parts played by members of the Company.

With special thanks to Sophie Thompson for creative input and for developing the roles of Hook and Mrs Darling.

Professional Counterweighters: Keiran Gonzalez, Maurycy Kowalski, Barnaby Wreyford.

Director: Sally Cookson
Writer: JM Barrie
Music: Benji Bower
Dramaturg: Mike Akers
Set Designer: Michael Vale
Lighting Designer: Aideen Malone
Costume Designer: Katie Sykes
Puppet Director: Toby Olié
Fight Directors: Rachel Bown-Williams and Ruth Cooper-Brown
Movement Director: Dan Canham
Aerial Director: Gwen Hales
Sound Designer: Dominic Bilkey

From Peter Pan


National Theatre

J.M. Barrie adapted by the Companies

ISBN: 9781350997707

Series: National Theatre Collection