Lope De Vega adapted by Tanya Ronder

DOI: 10.5040/9781784603816.00000002
Acts: 3. Scenes: 19. Roles: Male (19) , Female (4) , Neutral (0)

Tanya Ronder's adaptation of Lope de Vega's classic 17th-century tragicomedy, Peribáñez y el Comendador de Ocaña, was first performed at the Young Vic Theatre, London on 7 May 2003 (previews from 1 May).

The play is about a peasant named Peribanez, and a regional Commander who falls in love with his wife Casilda. The trouble starts during the wedding of Peribanez and Casilda, when the Commander is unhorsed while trying to control a raging bull and is forced to recover in Peribanez' house. Smitten with the beautiful bride, the Commander's ungovernable passion leads him to spy on Casilda, fruitlessly besiege her and eventually send her husband into battle against the Arab enemy. However, Peribanez asks the Commander to knight him before sending him into battle, so that he might fight with honour. The Commander obliges, unwittingly elevating the peasant to his own level and giving him the right to do battle with him.

The Young Vic premiere was directed by Rufus Norris and designed by Ian MacNeil, with David Harewood as the Commander, Michael Nardone as Peribanez and Jackie Morrison as Casilda..

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Lope De Vega adapted by Tanya Ronder

ISBN: 9781854597588

Series: NHB Classic Plays

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