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Ali Taylor's play Overspill is a drama about three young men on a night out that ends in violence, written in stylised dialogue full of urban poetry and half-rhymes. Winner of Metamorphosis 08, a competition organised by Bromley's theatre, The Churchill, Overspill was first performed at The Churchill on 18 June 2008, transferring to Soho Theatre in October 2008.

The play is set in Bromley, south-east of London, in the present day. Potts, Finch and Baron, all twenty years old, have been mates since they were five. They are out on the town as they are every Friday night. But their night out takes a dramatic and terrifying twist when an explosion rocks the town centre, and a suspicious population points the finger at them.

In an Author's Note in the published script, Ali Taylor writes: 'Overspill is set in Bromley, outside London, but it could be set in any town anywhere in the UK. There are hundreds of Bromleys in Britain – suburbs sitting on the edge of bigger towns or cities, all with the same shops, restaurants and chain pubs. ... I encourage theatre companies interested in performing Overspill to make it specific to their town.'

The original production was directed by Tim Roseman and designed by Paul Wills. It was performed by Syrus Lowe, Paul Stocker and Danny Worters.

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Ali Taylor

ISBN: 9781848420311

Series: NHB Modern Plays

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