DOI: 10.5040/9781580818872.01

Duration: 2:07:10

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  • 005_Act One Part Four.mp3 0:06:09
  • 006_Act One Part Five.mp3 0:11:58
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In this Tony-nominated play, Adam and Luke are long-term partners with very different views on salvation. But when Luke is hospitalized in a tragic accident, Adam must come face-to-face with Luke’s faith … and his family. Starring members of the original Broadway cast.

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring:

Patrick Breen as Adam

Maddie Corman as Holly

Patrick Heusinger as Luke

Sam Mcmurray as Butch

Jeremy Webb as Brandon

Julie White as Arlene

Directed by Bart DeLorenzo. Recorded by L.A. Theatre Works before a live audience at the James Bridges Theater, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television in January, 2012.

Featuring: Patrick Breen, Maddie Corman, Patrick Heusinger, Sam McMurray, Jeremy Webb, Julie White

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LA Theatre Works

Geoffrey Nauffts

ISBN: 9781580818872

Series: L.A. Theatre Works

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