DOI: 10.5040/9781350935211.01

Duration: 2:17:54

  • 01 Macbeth 2:06:24
  • 02 Interview with Niamh Cusack (Lady Macbeth) 0:05:12
  • 03 Who is Lady Macbeth? 0:06:18

Filmed live in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in April 2018

“Something wicked this way comes...”

Returning home from battle, the victorious Macbeth meets three witches on the heath. Driven by their disturbing prophecies, he sets out on the path to murder.

This contemporary production of Shakespeare’s darkest psychological thriller marks both Christopher Eccleston’s RSC debut and the return of Niamh Cusack to the Company.

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Duncan / Scottish Force: David Acton
Security Guard / Aide / Murderer / Young Siward / Lord: Afolabi Alli
Donalbain / Aide / Lade: Donna Banya
Bloody Captain / Murderer / Scottish Force: Stevie Basaula
Macduff: Edward Bennett
Doctor / Lady: Katy Brittain
Aide / English Force: Raif Clarke
Lady Macbeth: Niamh Cusack
Chamberlain / Siward: Paul Dodds
Macbeth: Christopher Eccleston
Aide: Josh Finan
Ross: Bally Gill
Lady Macduff / Lady / Scottish Force: Mariam Haque
Witch: Eve Hatz
Witch: Lauren Heaps
Witch: Elizabeth Kaleniuk
Witch: Aleksandra Penlington
Witch: Phoebe Stephens
Witch: Abigail Walter
Porter: Michael Hodgson
Murderer / Chamberlain / Scottish Force: John Macaulay
Fleance: Hector Magraw
Malcolm: Luke Newbery
Lennox: Tim SamuelsBanquo / English Force: Raphael Sowole
Young Macduff: Joshua Vaughan

Stage Director: Polly Findlay
Designer: Fly Davis
Incidental Music: Rupert Cross
TV Director: Robin Lough

From Macbeth


The Royal Shakespeare Company

William Shakespeare

ISBN: 9781350935211

Series: The RSC Live Collection

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