Macbeth (NT)

William Shakespeare adapted by Justin Audibert and the company

DOI: 10.5040/9781350935143.01

Duration: 1:23:13

  • Macbeth 1:23:13

Age recommendation: 12+

A new version by Justin Audibert and the company.

Originally staged as part of the National Theatre’s Shakespeare for younger audiences programme. This archival recording was captured in 2017.

Amid bloody rebellion and the deafening drums of war, Macbeth and his wife will stop at nothing to fulfil their ambition. Witchcraft, murder, treason and treachery are all at play in this murky world.

A bold contemporary retelling of one of Shakespeare’s darkest plays.

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Lady Macbeth: Madeline Appiah
Macbeth: Nana Amoo-Gottfried
Duncan: Ashley Gerlach
Banquo: Kayla Meikle
Malcolm: Ronak Patani
Ross: Sharan Phull
Macduff: Jay Saighal
Lady Macduff: Tripti Tripuraneni

All other characters are played by members of the Company

Director: Justin Audibert
Adaptor: Justin Audibert and the Company
Designer: Lucy Sierra
Lighting Designer: Paul Knott
Composer and MD: Jonathan Girling
Sound Designer: Mike Winship
Fight Director: Kev McCurdy

From Macbeth


National Theatre

William Shakespeare adapted by Justin Audibert and the company

ISBN: 9781350935143

Series: National Theatre Collection