London Assurance (NT)

Dion Boucicault adapted by Richard Bean

DOI: 10.5040/9781350935099.01

Duration: 2:09:40

  • London Assurance 2:09:40

Age recommendation: 12+

Recorded through National Theatre Live on 28th June, 2010.

Grace has agreed to marry Sir Harcourt in return for his financial support of her family. At a house party in her father's place, Harcourt's son Charles also falls in love with Grace. When his father appears on the scene, he has to convince him that there is a case of mistaken identity and he is somebody else. Then Lady Gay Spanker, a married woman also visiting at the house, is persuaded by Charles to seduce his father and thus divert his attention from Grace. Much confusion and scheming ensues.

Originally written by Dion Boucicault, Nicholas Hytner directs Simon Russell Beale and Fiona Shaw in this a new version by Richard Bean about life, love and mistaken identity in 19th Century London.

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Cool: Nick Sampson
Martin: Richard Frame
Charles Courtly: Paul Ready
Richard Dazzle: Matt Cross
Sir Harcourt Courtly: Simon Russell Beale
Squire Max Harkaway: Mark Addy
Pert: Maggie Service
James: Simon Markey
Grace Harkaway: Michelle Terry
Mark Meddle: Tony Jayawardena
Lady Gay Spanker: Fiona Shaw
Mr Adolphus Spanker: Richard Briers
Mr Solomon Isaacs: Junix Inocian
Doctor: David Whitworth
Servant: Mark Extance
Servant: Prasanna Puwanarajah
Doctor's daughter: Fiona Drummond
Doctor's daughter: Laura Matthews
Music Director /Accordion: Ian Watson
Fiddle: Sophie Solomon
Double Bass / Tuba: David Berr

Director: Nicholas Hytner
Designer: Mark Thompson
Music: Rachel Portman
Sound Designer: John Leonard
Lighting Designer: Neil Austin
Textual Revisions: Richard Bean
Choreographer: Scarlett Mackmin

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National Theatre

Dion Boucicault adapted by Richard Bean

ISBN: 9781350935099

Series: National Theatre Collection