DOI: 10.5040/9781580816823.01

Duration: 1:20:44

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  • 002-Act One, Scene 1.mp3 0:24:26
  • 003-Act One, Scene 2.mp3 0:22:03
  • 004-Act Two, Scene 1.mp3 0:21:11
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In the second “battle” of Ayckbourn’s celebrated triology The Norman Conquests, we rejoin the family weekend, this time hearing the events in the living room, where Norman gets drunk on homemade dandelion wine – and all hell breaks loose. Norman unleashes his merry brand of manipulative charm on the hapless guests and even his most formidable opponents go down in defeat on the drawing room rug.

An L.A. Theatre Works full-cast performance featuring:

Rosalind Ayres as Sarah

Kenneth Danziger as Reg

Martin Jarvis as Norman

Jane Leeves as Annie

Christopher Neame as Tom

Carolyn Seymour as Ruth

Featuring: Rosalind Ayres, Ken Danziger, Martin Jarvis, Jane Leeves, Christopher Neame, Carolyn Seymour

From Living Together


LA Theatre Works

Alan Ayckbourn

ISBN: 9781580816823

Series: L.A. Theatre Works

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